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About Us

About us

Welcome to Elmwood Gardens

Covering the classic elements of Elmwood Gardens wedding venue, the entry way signals the transition into serenity, incorporating arbors and architectural structures of years gone by.  Brides describe Elmwood Gardens as a personal fairy tale re-created from their childhood.  Rustic benches and secret paths invites them to linger, surrounded by Roses, Sweet William, spirals of Fox Glove, Wisteria, and floral scents that feel the air and overflow the pathways as if to greet the guests.  This old fashioned country garden retreat has been open for weddings for fifteen years.  One of our brides described her first visit to the gardens; “as I strolled along the paths totally surrounded by new surprises at each turn, I felt like Alice in Wonderland.”  Sometimes a place that you visit captures your heart and imagination.  Welcome to the world of Elmwood Gardens.  It is truly an experience.  This secret garden is tucked away in rural East Texas on thirty-two acres of rolling hills, ponds, and open views of beautiful sunsets.

Imagine a place that embodies everything you love about East Texas.  A beautiful, old homestead with charm and character, with multiple gardens and original pioneer homes.  Picture the bride being led through a lovely outdoor wedding walk, with flowers on either side of the path, and hanging chandeliers lighting the way to her groom.  Think how beautiful it would be to watch them say their vows standing underneath a lovely wrought-iron gazebo.  Bradford pear trees surround the ceremonial area, giving the ceremony an intimate, private atmosphere.  This would be the perfect setting, the missing piece needed to complete the perfect day.

We have built a fifty-four hundred square foot indoor reception hall which has a storeroom and a room specifically for catering preparations.  There are four different antique cottages purchased from the surrounding farms and set up for the bride, bride’s maids, and Moms to have a unique area to dress for the special day.  There is also a separate man-cave for the groom and groomsmen to prepare and to enjoy the day watching sports on a big-screen television prior to the event.  There is also a honeymoon cottage complete with a four person hot-tub and charming vintage décor.  It is the perfect respite for a couple to unwind and rest for a night before they set off on their honeymoon.  The old family farm has become a full-fledged wedding venue.

Elmwood Gardens can accommodate much more than the fairy tale wedding.  If you want to add some personality and enjoyment to your corporate function, or find a place to throw a classy, sweet baby shower, Elmwood Gardens can serve you beautifully.  Any type of large gathering would reap the full benefits of all that the Gardens can offer.  They have built a long list of top-class vendors for anything that could be needed to create the perfect day: music, floral arrangements, cakes, sweets, catering, and decorations.

We our continuing to expand our open-aired celebration areas.  We’ve built an indoor/outdoor chapel.  It is a romantic, quixotic sanctuary with ancient looking gothic cast iron windows and is partially open to the outdoors.  Wedding guests can watch the ceremony from homemade benches built from refurbished antique wood salvaged from an historic old mansion being torn down at a nearby farm.  A copper clad cross sits at the roof line sanctifying the chapel and all those within it.  Continuing the open-aired celebration area is the outdoor dance hall.  It is a saloon-themed structure with vintage hanging lights, and lighted signs giving it a true feeling of an old fashioned dance hall perfect for dancing the night away with family and friends.  Next to the dance hall is fashioned an outdoor covered bar for drinks and refreshments topping off the setting for a perfect evening.  Everything that could make your wedding the celebration of the year is there available for you.

We have worked hard to make Elmwood Gardens the high-class venue that it is today.  It has been a project of passion.  Elmwood Gardens is strongly connected to its’ surrounding community and has a rich history that lends character and personal ties to an event.

Elmwood Gardens is beautiful, fully-serviced and versatile.   It is the perfect place to have the perfect day.